Meet 15M consumers in their cultural comfort zone.

Australian Venue Co. operates over 200 of Australia’s most loved pubs, bars, and event spaces. AVC Experience+ the hospitality sector’s first dedicated on-premise retail media network, giving partners exclusive, front-row access to connect with consumers in a contextually relevant environment.

For endemic brands, AVC Experience+ allows you to get closer to your audience within immediate proximity to the point of purchase. For contextual brands, our network helps you make meaningful connections with consumers in culture, ensuring lasting impact.

  • Access to hard-to-reach demographics
  • Engage customers and foster brand growth in an environment that elevates brand recall and desire
  • Opportunity to drive purchase through widespread penetration of our digital ordering platforms, The Pass and me&u
  • Sophisticated profiling and segmentation of customers using first party data
219 venues, 15.6M footfall, 102M digital menu impressions, 2.29M EDM reach, 365M organic social media impressions


Reach over 15 million customers through 35 media touchpoints opportunities. AVC Experience+ provides a variety of advertising options across the funnel, enabling your brand to engage with specific consumers and leave a lasting impression.

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AVC Experience+ offers you the opportunity to maintain a persistent presence, building brand recall and product desire over time. Our campaign performance reporting enables you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns by key audiences and metrics, including acquisition, sales and repeat purchase.

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